Thursday, February 7, 2008

chicken salad

i have a huge bag of frozen (pre-cooked) chicken from the freezer that i just warmed up. i've also got some fuji apples that need to be eaten, so i'm going to make a big batch of chicken and apple salad. too bad i don't have any onion, that would be nice. it's just going to be basic- chopped chicken, mayo, a dab of mustard, salt, and chopped apples.

that last recipe (pumpkin date loaf) is going to be one of the subjects of a paper i have to write for my math class, which is the last class i'll ever have to take in undergrad! i'm going to use it to demonstrate cost vs. profit. i'll also be writing about how ratios are important to baking (ie amounts of baking powder in cookies). it should be interesting!

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